About us



To promote and facilitate Universidade Federal de Sergipe’s participation in the international context.


General Objectives:

· To elaborate, propose and coordinate international cooperation policies.

· To elaborate and accompany international agreements; to promote scientific, technological, cultural, artistic and philosophical interchange between Universidade Federal de Sergipe and International Institutions.

· To provide support to professors, researchers, students and technicians from foreign institutions in activities at UFS, and to provide support to UFS professors, researchers, students and technicians overseas. To promote international research network.


Who we are:

· Professor Phd. Israel Roberto Barnabé, PhD- Coordinator

· Professor M.Sc. Amália Façanha Vargas- Linguistics Advisor

· Nelcivânia Oliveira Reis- Secretary



Fundação Universidade Federal de Sergipe

Coordenação de Relações Internacionais- CORI/POSGRAP

Cidade Universitária Prof. José Aloísio de Campos

Av. Marechal Rondon, s/n. Jardim Rosa Elze- CPE 49100-000

São Cristóvão/Sergipe – Brasil

Piso Superior do Prédio da Reitoria


Telephone: (55-79) 3194-6495

Information for students: atendimento.posgrap@gmail.com

Information for professors: internacional.ufs@gmail.com


Working Hours:

Monday to Friday 08:00am – 12:00pm and 02:00pm – 06:00pm


Customer Service Hours:

Monday to Friday 10:00am – 11:00pm and 02:30pm – 05:00pm


Ciência Sem Fronteira – Science Without Border


This is a program which aims to promote the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of science and technology, innovation and Brazilian competitiveness through interchange and international mobility.

The initiative is a result of a joint effort from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ministry of Education (MEC), through their respective fomentation institutions –CNPq and CAPES- and Higher Education and Technological Education Secretaries of MEC.

Universidade Federal de Sergipe has participated in the program since its foundation and has been sending undergraduate students to various countries.

Additional information on the Program can be accessed on the website: www.cienciasemfronteiras.gov.br

Useful information


Visa Renewal

National Registry of Foreignersapplication

Guide 1: Foreigners Registry Tax

Guide 2: Foreigners’ ID

CPF- Social Security Number



The temporary visa IV will be provided to the student of an International Higher Education Institution accepted to spend a period to study in Brazil.

The following documents are usually required:


Passport valid for more than six months;

Visa application form;

Recent photograph;

Criminal Record Background Check issued no more than 3 months previously by local authorities;

Acceptance Letter from UFS;

Health Insurance with coverage for treatment and hospitalization valid for Brazil, made by insurance companies with national coverage valid for the whole interchange period;

Tax payment


Other documents may be required. Contact the Brazilian consulate in your home country.


Visa Renewal


Students who need to extend their staying in Brazil (from one semester to two semesters), or to PEC-G and PEC-PG students who have received a temporary visa and must renew it yearly, pay attention to the renewal deadline. After the established date, a fine will be applied.


National Registry of Foreignersapplication

Interchange students should present themselves to the Federal Police within 30 days of arrival in Brazil in order to register and get a Temporary Foreigner’s Identity Card (CIET). This process is unnecessary for those with a Brazilian nationality.


Required documents:

- Original valid passport;

- Copy of the used pages of the passport;

- Visa application form

- Two recent ¾, colored, white background and frontal position photographs

- Filled in and printed Federal Police form

- The form is available in: https://servicos.dpf.gov.br/sincreWeb/


Tips to fill in the form:

In Unidade Federal choose SE (Sergipe);

Always write the full name according to the Brazilian order: Name and Surname;

In Ocupação Principal, choose Estudante;

Printed proof of booking

To book a visit in the Federal Police, go to:



Proof of both taxes payment:

Registry of Foreigners tax- R$64,58*

Foreigners ID card tax (1st copy)- R$124,23


N.B.: People coming from Lusophone countries have Registry of Foreignerstax concession (amount of R$64,58)


To pay the taxes:


Guide 1: Foreigner’s Registry Tax

Go to: www.dpf.gov.br


Select, in the GRU options- Guia de recolhimento da União, the link GRU- FUNAPROL (estrangeiro, segurança privada, transporte internacional, armas, aluguéis);


Select option 3: Pessoas e entidades estrangeiras;


Fill in the Guia de Recolhimento da União – GRU: the address has to be in Brazil. In the box unidade arrecadadora, select: MG (015-9) Superintendência Regional do Estado de Minas Gerais.


In the box Código da Receita STN, enter 140082. The phrase ‘Registro de Estrangeiro/Restabelecimento de Registro’ and the amount to be paid will come up. Check the information, click in Gerar guia and print.


Guide 2: Foreigners’ ID


Repeat instructions 1-4 above;

In the box Código da Receita STN enter 140120 (Carteira de estrangeiro de primeira via, valor a ser pago); Check the information, click in GERAR GUIA and print;


The printed payment vouchers can be paid ay any Banco do Brasil agency up to the due date and before registering in the Police. Take the proof of tax payments to register.


Federal Police address in Aracaju/SE

Av. Augusto Franco,2260 – Siqueira Campos, Aracaju-SE


Telephone: (79) 3234-8500


Important: registration must be done within 30 days after entering Brazil. After this date it will be a daily fine and the foreigner becomes illegal in the country.


CPF- Social Security Number

CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Física) is not obligatory to foreigners, but it is necessary in various situations such as: financial movements (to open a bank account, for example), purchase goods in Brazil (landline, for example) and register in private and public services.


To get a CPF the student has to go to a Banco do Brasil agency or to a post office agency and request the document. Tax cost: R$5,70.


For more information, go to: